Dubai Hotels – A Great Traveling Experience

Dubai normally gets clubbed with one of the most expensive places on earth. The magnitude of its wealth can easily be gauged from the way the city has been making growth during the last two and half decades. The world renowned Dubai free trade zone, the upcoming seashore marvel of Dubai Marina and the continuous development of some amazing buildings across its horizon are enough indicators of what lies in Dubai’s coffers. But what makes this city more special is the manner in which fusion of Islam has taken place with modernity. There is a distinct flavor of ethnicity present on one hand, and on the other an amazing advancement taking place on all fronts. If you traveled across the globe in today’s times, hardly could you think of capturing such a fine blend of modern and ancient ethos at any other single place.

The world has been converging at the doors of Dubai as a result, to take part in the dream run it has been witnessing for some time now. Along with the mass of entrepreneurs and the skilled workforce, there are a growing number of tourists flying across each year into this princely territory. This has made the quality accommodation and its round-the-clock availability a must have facility for the Dubai planners. Hoteliers gain tremendous significance in this scenario, something we are going to have a word spread out about through these paragraphs. Any debate on hotels of Dubai is bound to cause an equally gripping response as the rest of Dubai would normally do so on any other occasion. The fusion of ethnicity and the modernization can as strongly be seen in the hotel industry as well as the rest of Dubai speaks about for it as a whole.

Starting with the best in the league, one has to make a mention of Burj Al Arab, without fail. Built 288 meters off the seashore inside waters, the sail-like concrete marvel soars 321 meters above the famous Jumeirah Beach Resort. Aptly called the best hotel of the contemporary times, Burj Al Arab is the only existing seven-star facility on earth right now. It provides a highly personalized service to its clientele throughout their stay. This includes having access to the services of well-trained butlers and privately manned reception points on all floors. Just imagine how even the smallest of the suits at Burj Al Arab could be found to be measuring 170sqm in area, to understand what grandeur we are speaking about.

However, it’s the range of two, three, four and five star hotels in Dubai that occupy bulk of catering business like they will do anywhere else in the world. Almost two dozen five-star hotels are running on their shops right now and shaping out Dubai’s breathtaking skyline at the same time. A number of two and three-star hotels are also known to be providing equally competitive services, thus reaching out to all the travelers in this part of the world. For example a three star facility like hotel Karama has been gaining popularity among the business travelers and tourists alike, due to its proximity to the commercial hubs and the Dubai International Airport, both. In any case, services on offer at these lowly-ranked hotels can still be expected to be of very high standards.

Interestingly, also available are privately owned apartments these days that will cost almost the same amounts as the low-end segment of hotel industry generally bills you for. But, these apartments are better suited for the long term stays, and can never be described as a complete alternative of staying at hotels. Put in the right perspective, Dubai hotels are nicely placed to serve the influx of tourists on its territory. They are institutionally well organized bodies that will keep charging ahead on the path of glory and success, year after another. The unfolding saga of Dubai hotels is no doubt, a highly gripping and exciting one in kind!

5 Advices To Make Business Travel Interesting

Business trips can be tough for many travelers and not everyone takes it lightly. Homesickness, stale croissants and Jetlag leaves the most experienced business travelers wilting over their laptops and tablets at the airport lounge. But the new generations of business travelers have been evolving and bringing a new concept of business travel. Being a traveler myself I have to frequently fly to the UAE for my business meetings, but I don’t only spend my time in the hotel staring at the PowerPoint slides. I try to brainstorm when I’m walking on the beach or out for coffee at some comfy café. Here are my five tips on how to make your business travel, interesting rather than boring.

Don’t Sleep As Soon As You Land
When you land at your destination don’t just go to the hotel and sleep. Yes, I know you must be going through Jetlag but there are other better ways to deal with it. I prefer going out for a nice meal and then a walk around the park near to my lodging place. Plus try not to stay at a hotel, I recommend that you book a comfortable house in a friendly neighborhood, this way you remain in a lively environment rather than the high-rise hotel areas which usually get deserted by night hours.

Make It Fun For Yourself
Being a frequent traveler for business trips I have discovered that there are many people who travel for their work dealings but don’t restrict themselves to work only. Like I always explore the city or the local neighborhoods by the end of the day or once my business meetings are over I spend two more extra days only for leisure.

Go For The Local Good Food
When you are going on a business travel the good part is that all your expenses are covered so why not eat at a good restaurant. My first official work trip to Asia was overall good except for the part that I tried the strategy of booking my hotel near the airport. So I had to eat at the restaurants located near to my hotel, but that was my worst mistake as there is no food culture there if you want to eat good food, then you must try the restaurants near the local neighborhoods and eat what the locals eat.

Get Some Fresh Perspective
When you reach a new destination you need to get some fresh air and fresh perspective. Sitting in your hotel room won’t get you a fresh perspective. I try to approach new people at the coffee shops, mostly; I’m the kind of person who would rather like to sit in a café then a club. So when you spend time outdoors you meet new people and get to know their opinions which help in getting a fresh perspective yourself.

Surround Yourself With Creativity
Creativity brings inspiration, my business trip checklist doesn’t only includes tasks to be done, it also includes beaches, parks and art galleries. I like to go to places where I can get inspired. For me visiting an art gallery or museums is good as it refreshes my mind and I can think better about work and other things.